Last Resort: Watch the Pilot Episode Online Now

One of the best new shows of the fall season is ABC's Last Resort. The military drama series follows the crew of a United States submarine that disobeys orders to nuke Pakistan and is fired upon by its own country. They manage to escape to a Pacific Island, where they take over a NATO station and form their own nation, which is a nuclear power thanks to the weapons they carry onboard the sub. 

It's a great pilot, actually, though whether or not it will be able to remain exciting for the thirteen episodes of the first season, I don't know. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to carry any procedural elements, meaning that each episode stands a chance of being as fresh and unique as the pilot. Don't believe us? My full review of the pilot will be up next week. 

If you want to make your own opinion, though, you've got that option as of today. The Last Resort pilot is now available for streaming online. The episode, titled "Captain," is essentially all set-up for the rest of the series, though there are some interesting moments throughout. Perhaps most intriguing is Autumn Reeser's character, weapons lobbyist Kylie Sinclair, who could potentially serve as the focus of an interesting ethical quandry for the series later on. 

You can check out our exclusive interview with star Jessy Schram here

You can watch the pilot episode of Last Resort here, or you can wait and check it out when it premieres on ABC on Thursday, September 27. In any case, head back here later to check out our review of the pilot episode and to share your own thoughts about "Captain." What did you think about the episode? Will you be tuning in for the rest of the series? We want to hear your thoughts. 

Last Resort premieres Thursday, September 27 on ABC. 

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Really good episode. I'll definitely be following this series.

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