NBC and Fattore Embark on Holiday

"Holiday! Celebrate!" Allegedly this 1983 Madonna hit spontaneously broke out following NBC's greenlighting of the high-concept drama "Holiday" from creator Gina Fattore. Sources have told THIS reporter that Fattore's dance moves were fluid and elegant, even as NBC executives sang horribly off-key.

Gina Fattore

In all seriousness, Deadline reports that the network has given the go-ahead for Fattore's new drama series, which she will write and produce with Dawn Parouse Olmstead through Universal TV. The talented creator has a number of fantastic series on her resume, and the concept of "Holiday" seems to be one rich with potential to keep that trend going. The series involves a large multi-cultural family whose trials and tribulations unfold and are told only through the holiday get-togethers. For many families, the holidays are not only times for celebration, but also times for old wounds to be made fresh and arguments over long-thought-dead subjects to break out. Given Fattore's history as writer and producer on The CW's "Gilmore Girls," one has to surmise the familial sparks are sure to fly on "Holiday."

The new show is part of an ongoing two year deal with Universal TV. Fattore's credits include stints on the David Duchovny Showtime series "Californication," the previously mentioned "Gilmore Girls" and executive producer duties on Charlize Theron and John Glenn's upcoming modern-day Hatfields and McCoys drama also in development for the peacock network (not to be confused with the Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton History series).

What's your most memorable family holiday breakdown?

- Gina Fattore

Written by: kyleiam
Sep 11th, 2012, 6:32 am

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