Body of Proof adds guest stars


ABC's Body of Proof is adding some new bodies to the mix, at least for a few episodes. 

Ray Wise, Derek Webster and Michael Nouri have all signed on to appear in the upcoming season.

Wise will play the attorney of Nouri's crime boss Daniel Russo, whose son is killed. Webster will appear in the same episode playing a boxing coach who is questioned regarding the murder.

Body of Proof appears to be undergoing some massive changes, as it was recently announced that Nicholas Bishop, Sonja Sohn and John Carroll Lynch (great actor) would not be returning. Mark Valley and Elyes Gabel will be joining the series as regulars and Annie Wersching will have a multiple-episode run when the series returns midseason.

I'll be honest...I've never heard of this show before now. Is it any good? I know it stars Dana Delany as a medical examiner (thanks Google), but the fact its coming back midseason seems like a big mark against its quality. Am I right or am I right? Right? 

The series is set in Philadelphia but films in Rhode Island. Really? You can pass those two off as one another? I guess if Toronto can be New York City anything is possible, but that seems like a drastic change to me.

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Sep 11th, 2012, 5:12 pm


Message Posted On Sep 14th, 2012, 2:06 pm
When does an airing time comment on the quality of a show? Silly conclusion...

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But there's a difference. Each of those started as mid-season shows and then stayed as part of the regular rotation.

I was referencing the fact that the show was a regular show, but has been bumped down to midseason replacement now. Those shows don't seem to have long lifespans and don't seem to ever totally have their network's support.


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Message Posted On Sep 12th, 2012, 10:04 am

"but the fact its coming back midseason seems like a big mark against its quality. Am I right or am I right? Right?"


Wrong.  Are you seriously suggesting that simply because a show starts mid-season, it's crap?  There's undoubtedly a long list of shows that prove you wrong, but here's just a few:


Dallas, the original.  The original Dallas was intended to be only a mid-season mini-series...but it went on for an additional 13 years!


Dallas, the new.  A mid/late -season show, it was renewed for a second season after airing only 3 episodes.  While it's hard to tell if it will enjoy the run of its predecessor, it's obviously not crap.


Stargate SG-1.  A mid/late -season show.  Lasted for 10 years.


Stargate Atlantis.  Same as its' parent show, although it only lasted 5 years.


Flashpoint.  A Canadian mid/late -season show picked up by CBS.  Managed to last 5 years, despite CTV's (the Canadian network creating/airing it) best efforts to screw it up.


Babylon 5.  A mid-season show that went on for 5 years.


I could go on, but I have other things to do today :-)  Lets see what others come up with.


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