Aziz Ansari reveals his fear


Aziz Ansari has seen his star rise along with the role as Tom on NBC's Parks and Recreation, for my money the best comedy on television today. But with it, some of his deepest-darkest fears are coming to life - because he is letting them.

Ansari gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times that revealed that he is an "indecisve commitment-phobe" and that being tied down is "terrifying."

These topics are going to be part of his new Buried Alive tour, which begins tomorrow at Los Angeles' Orpheum Theatre.

"It's about being scared of hitting that point in life where you're settling down and the feeling is almost like being buried alive. I couldn't imagine having a baby … or getting married now," he saidn. "But I love hearing about other peoples' lives, their relationship stories. That stuff is always super fascinating to me."

Ansari is of Indian descent and his parents were married in an arranged marriage - which could have fed into his fear, but instead seems to give him hope.

"My dad says they talked for 30 minutes and a week later got married," said Ansari. "People hear that and it's like, 'Oh my God! Are they OK?! Do they hate each other?!' But their marriage is great."

In addition to starring on Parks and Rec, which returns soon, Ansari is also developing a pitch he sold to Judd Apatow about "two disgraced astronauts who travel back to the moon to clear their names."

He'll also play himself, as is the case with the entire cast in The End of the World with Seth Rogen. The movie is about the apocalypse hitting during a  party at James Franco's home, with comedians playing versions of themselves.

- Aziz Ansari
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Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 12th, 2012, 5:58 pm

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