President Obama heading to Letterman next week



Finally, the Barack has come back to the Late Show!

President Barack Obama will visit with David Letterman this Tuesday, September 18. His appearance comes three weeks after his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, dazzled the late night funnyman.

This will be Obama's seventh appearance on the show, dating back to his days as an Illinois senator.

Expect the president to be in good spirits, as polls show him (as of now) winning reelection in a landslide. Current polls show him taking Ohio, Florida and Virginia, which would beat Mitt Romney by quite a bit in the Electorial College.

Here are a few of Obama's past appearances:

Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on CBS.

Mitt Romney will also be on TV Tuesday. Romney and his wife Ann will be appearing on Live! With Kelly and Michael, as they sit down with hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, who recently was announced as the shows full-time co-host. 

Which appearance interests you more? I would expect to see both contenders on pretty much any show that will have them over the next two months. Both appearances will probably check the boxes, without any real information coming out of each. But that's life in the fast lane, right?

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Obama definitley and he should have Dave as VP :)

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