Homeland Producer Discusses Libyan Turmoil

Showtime's domestic terrorism nail-biter "Homeland" has always maintained an unsettling dose of reality. With the recent tumult in Egypt and Libya, executive producer Alex Gansa talked to The Hollywood Reporter about political sensitivity and how the events could potentially affect the show.


The second season premiere, set to air September 30th, opens with a massive protest outside the US embassy in Iran. However, Gansa was insistent that the events would not cause the show to be rewritten. "We’re sort of so far along down our own particular narrative that I don’t believe any events that are happening currently in the Middle East are going to influence how we’re going to finish the story this season," Gansa said. "The one thing I would say is Ambassador Stevens' death, and the other Americans that died in Libya, it makes us aware that as we’re telling the stories, to try to be conscientious about portraying the real danger that intelligence officers, foreign services officers serving abroad, face on a daily basis."

Production on the new season is already more than halfway finished, with seven episodes completed. Gansa also pointed out that events on the show were so different that he is not concerned that it could ignite further turmoil in the region. "[The protest is] much more peaceful than the ones that happened in Cairo or Libya or Yemen. I don’t think we’re exploiting those -- they were clearly written long before they happened, and I don’t think these [embassy attacks] are a new thing."

However, the producer did acknowledge the tenuous nature of having the Islamic faith as such a central theme for the series. "We were very, very cognizant about portraying the religion Islam in a verisimilar way, in a way that was true to what the religion is," he continued. "We really try, we just bend over backwards on 'Homeland,' to try to give all our characters understandable motivations... all of our characters come to their beliefs in an honest way. We don’t make any comments as to whether we think they’re misguided."

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Sep 14th, 2012, 8:39 am


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Fundamentalism is a form of mental illness, notwithstanding the social legitimacy of a mass (of sick people). *** Still, one does not step into an insane asylum with LSD-laced candy and anti-social goats... That just isn't an intelligent approach to dealing with the mentally ill. [and if I thought there was a slight chance a fundamentalist -at least the non-Western one, as this is the focus here- were to read this post, I probably would have kept it inside my mind; because crazy people are ... f-ing crazy] *** Very much looking forward to Homeland (both versions), by the way!
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