Brad Beyer primed for Sweeps on 'NCIS'

Ahhh November... there's a chill in the air, people are huddling together as a family to watch their favourite shows... and actors all strive for the juciest guest-starring roles on television for Sweeps! The month of November has become a breeding ground for Best Actor in a Guest Appearance Emmy nominations and Brad Beyer ('Jericho,' 'Third Watch') has caught himself a two-episode role on CBS' mega-hit 'NCIS.'

Brad Beyer

Beyer will reportedly be playing Marine Capt. Joe Wescott, an upstanding and celebrated unit leader who returns from a tour in Afghanistan where many of his men lost their lives--including Wescott's best friend. As Gibbs ('NCIS' lead, Mark Harmon) begin to question him, Wescott starts exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

As if tackling PTSD wasn't a meaty enough role, Wescott's issues also stem from a frought relationship with his gruff, cold father, leading Beyer's character to form a bond with Harmon's Gibbs over the course of two episodes. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg spoke of "a real connection" between the two characters, at

NCIS castAs the NCIS team is dealing with personal traumas of their own, one can imagine how Gibbs will also be explored as he questions this struggling Marine Captain. The role promises to keep Beyer prominently on the map, following several guest appearances on hit series ('Lie to Me,' 'CSI: NY,' 'The Mentalist') over the past few years.

NCIS returns Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on CBS. Beyer's two-episode arc will air sometime in November.

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NCIS Rulez!!!!!

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