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Stacy Keach to join 'The Neighbors' for Thanksgiving

Back in 2000, America tuned in to the sitcom 'Titus,' the Christopher Titus comedy vehicle which was designed to skyrocket him to stardom. 'Titus' ended up lasting for three seasons, but it wasn't Titus himself to kept America's attention rapt: it was Stacy Keach's role of Christopher's gruff and loud father, Ken. ABC brass apparently took notice of Keach's comedic timing as Ken Titus, as they have cast him in the role of Marty Weaver's (Lenny Venito) gruff father who comes to visit for Thanksgiving on 'The Neighbors.'

Stacy Keach in Titus

Ken was inarguably the breakout character on the program and the now seventy-one year old Keach has been working furiously ever since 'Titus' wrapped, logging dozens of roles over the past decade. Many fans will recognize him from his turn as Warden Henry Pope on 'Prison Break,' or his guest appearances on 'Two and a Half Men.' His deadpan comedic delivery should be a welcome addition to the Thanksgiving episode of 'The Neighbors,' which promises to be a very interesting day for the Weaver clan.On 'Titus,' Keach was able to react to the goofball antics of his less-manly son; who doesn't want to see that same stern demeanor come up against the goofball antics of extra-terrestrial lifeforms?

The neighbors Weavers

ABC is presently in the process of casting Mother-Weaver, who would play Keach's wife and the mother of Venito's Marty. There aren't as many funny women around Keach's age working today as there are men--alas, the incomparable Betty White is too old at this point. Who would you like to see raise hell during 'The Neighbors' extra-terrestrial Thanksgiving?


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- Stacy Keach
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Written by: bad_subject
Sep 15th, 2012, 11:09 am

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