Production On CBS Comedy Pilot Delayed Until January

Due to difficulties casting a fourth male lead, production on CBS' Rob Greenberg comedy pilot—starring Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn, and Chris Smith—has been pushed back to January.

The now-untitled project, previously called Ex-Men, revolves around a young fellow (Smith) who finds camaraderie and learns important lessons about the ways of the world from three older and more experienced men living in the same short-term rental complex.

Tony ShalhoubKal Penn

After being kicked around for a few years, the project was granted an off-cycle pilot order from CBS in July and casting began two weeks later when Penn and Smith came aboard. Best known for his co-starring role in the Harold And Kumar stoner comedy film franchise and a stint on FOX's House, Penn will play Gil, a character who was caught having the world's worst affair and now lives in the complex until he can convince his wife to take him back.

In August, Shalhoub signed on for the role of Frank, a four-time divorcé who still believes he is a ladies' man and dwells in the complex's bachelor pad. The former star of the USA Network's Monk had announced one week earlier that he would be starring in a Broadway show beginning November 8, so the plan was to shoot the TV pilot before he started stage rehearsals.

However, production was postponed because of a delay in casting the fourth lead and the window of opportunity for both Shalhoub and Penn was missed due to other commitments. Since January is the earliest date they would be able to return, the target production date has been moved to early 2013.

The concept of the show and the cast announced so far sounds like it could be a funny combination, but it seems odd that they would be unable to cast the fourth guy. If Rules Of Engagement hadn't been renewed, I'd suggest Patrick Warburton without knowing anything about the character. Does this bode well for the future of this project?

- Kal Penn
- Tony Shalhoub
- Christopher N. Smith

Written by: Chrononaut
Sep 16th, 2012, 5:59 pm


Message Posted On Sep 16th, 2012, 11:19 pm
Anyone seen tvlands the exes??? just finished season two sounds very similar
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