Big Brother Finale - Who Will Probably Win, Who Will Definitely Lose

Welcome hamster fans. If you've been watching Big Brother season 14 you probably know that this is the season of "Expect the unexpected"; and I hate cliches so you know when I use one, I mean it.  Virtually none of the favorites to win the season, outside of former Big Brother winner coach Dan, has made it to the final stages of the game. None. Zip. Nada. Zero.   And those that have made it to the final three, Ian, Dan, and Danielle, have done so with some pretty questionable tactics, which has included sending several housemates to the Jury with hatchets to bury ... against them! Between Dan and Ian, both have managed to infuriate every member of the Jury, with no exceptions.

For the unintiated, to win Big Brother you must be part of the final two.  One person will win their position by winning 2 out of three competitions.  The winner of those becomes the final head of household and actually chooses who will go with them into the final two, where they can make their case to the Jury who will then vote for who will win Big Brother.  In other words, after weeks and weeks of psychological game play, and winning competitions that test both the brain and the body, the winner seals their fate on how well they have treated the members of the jury.  It almost doesn't seem fair.  For Danielle.

Danielle has been one of the most naive and likeable housemates of the year.  She has certainly not sent anyone out the door with a knife in their back, and strangely enough her biggest conflicts have been with Ian and Dan.  Unfortunately for her, Dan and Ian are aware of this.

In fact, the only way either Dan or Ian can win is if they are up against each other.  And at this point, Dan and Ian have each won one of the final HOH contestants, essentially sealing Danielle from becoming HOH.

At the end of Thursday's live finale on CBS, the Big Brother jury will need to choose between the lesser of two evils, Dan or Ian.  The odds that Dan could win seem astronomical given the number of constestants he has screwed over, but Dan has quietly composed a plan that could bring him to victory.  He has convinced Danielle that his plan is to bring her to the final two, and pins the success of the plan on Ian willingly throwing the final contest to him.

Does Dan intend to follow through with this?  Probably not.  Ian has said repeatedly that he will not take Danielle because he knows he cannot beat her with the jury.   With that knowledge,  Dan has slowly been training Danielle to turn the jury against Ian in the case that Ian wins the second competition and evicts her.  Could this mean Dan intends to throw the final competition himself?  Stay tuned to find out.

- Big Brother (US)
- Danielle Murphree
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Written by: bnyle
Sep 16th, 2012, 8:38 pm

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