Parenthood's Monica Potter Talks Empty Nest

NBC's "Parenthood" is a quality dramedy that all too often flies under the radar. Last week's season premiere saw the heartwrenching experience that many parents know all too well: bidding their child farewell as she embarks off to college.


"When your kid goes away you hide your emotions a lot," Monica Potter (Kristina) told The Hollywood Reporter. "Especially for Kristina, wanting to spend time with her and being best friends and hanging out together and just having her as a buddy as well as a daughter, you're going to see that especially with what happens in the story line and in the following episode what an impact it has on her not being there."

Indeed, the closing moments of the season four opener saw Peter Krause's Adam and Potter's Kristina saying tearful goodbyes to oldest daughter Haddie (Sarah Ramos) at the airport. Now that their family of five is one kid short, expect to see... dogs. Many dogs. "There will definitely be some empty nesting," Potter said of the next episode. "They try to replace her with a dog and it's really kind of funny because you can't really replace your kid with a dog."

Additionally, expect middle child Max to emerge as alpha child with his sister's exit. "You see him sort of take the reins and become this kid that in season one you never thought he could become," Potter explained.

Check out the further adventures of the Bravermans tonight on NBC.

- Parenthood (2010)

Written by: kyleiam
Sep 18th, 2012, 10:45 am

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