30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin Says He Won’t Be Running for Mayor

Alec Baldwin says he isn’t interested in running for mayor of New York City. The 30 Rock leading man says that he doesn’t see himself fitting in with the other candidates. He said of the current candidates, “They're all just so horny for it.”

Alec Baldwin and Tine FeyIn discussing his chances for running for mayor he had high praises for his 30 Rock family. He finds the sitcom to be a safe harbor. He cites his enjoyment of filming the show . Despite good feelings from Baldwin, fans continue to speculate on the chance that he may not return for another season. His contract will be up at the end of the sixth season and he will get a chance to re-negotiate.

30 Rock will be taking over Community’s spot on the NBC lineup in January. This puts the show at 8pm against tough competition from Big Bang Theroy. It will be interesting to see how 30 Rock performs in this time slot. Big Bang Theroy has consistently won Thursdays nights by taking in 16 million viewers. In comparison 30 Rock’s fifth season only saw an average of 5 million viewers per episode.

Don’t count this critical darling out yet! The sixth season will usher in a new era for Liz who will be learning to relax thanks to her new boyfriend played by James Marsden. Jack will be dealing with the loss of his wife who is still a political prisoner in North Korea. He will be raising his daughter as a single dad which will be used as comedy fodder for the season. Tiny Fey and Alec Baldwin have received Golden Globe nominations for their 30 Rock roles.

Are you tuning in for 30 Rock Season 6? It starts January 12th on NBC.

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Written by: susans
Dec 22nd, 2011, 5:45 pm

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