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At TV Rage, we love us some Homeland. And those of us who don't are executed. It's a messy business, but sometimes the right course of action can be.

As the days slowly (too slowly!) slip away and we inch towards the second season premiere, any morsel of news will be gobbled up by a hungry fanbase.

The Huffington Post  did an exclusive interview with Damian Lewis, who plays Sergeant-turned Congressman Nicholas Brody. Here are some highlights from that interview (Spoilers):

"The Weekend" was such a pivotal Season 1 episode, because it's what most viewers thought we wouldn't get to see until the Season 1 finale, and it came right in the middle of the season. 
Right. Brody sort of came clean with Carrie about certain aspects, knowing Abu Nazir ... it was like, "OK, now we've sussed each other out." But the reason it was so good is because, at the same time, it brought them together as a couple in a weird way. They were just -- well, are -- attracted to each other. Not only because we're both extraordinary physical specimens [laughs], but also because there's a recognition. I said this a lot last season, but I'll say it again because I slightly fell in love with my own phrase, but they are these broken-winged birds just sort of hobbling around each other. He has a recognition with Carrie he frankly doesn't have with Jess, his childhood sweetheart who he's now very different from. He and Carrie are just drawn to each other, and it screws her up when she's supposed to be being procedural and professional and gathering information and ensuring the safety of the country. At the same time, she's drawn to this guy who represents the threat. Similarly for him, he's drawn to her.

I like that you're using the present tense. So it's safe to assume that when they do finally meet up in Season 2, whenever that is, that the attraction, that draw, is still there?
Absolutely. The series is at its best in their storyline when this sort of odd connection that they have and this sort of co-dependency that they have gets in the way of whatever it is they're both trying to do professionally. There is an instance, for example, when Brody is abandoned somewhere -- I won't tell you what it is, but he's on his own, he's down, he's depressed, and I think that's real. And he needs to call someone, and the person he calls is Carrie. And I think that's just always going to be true for Brody. However dangerous she is to him, he knows she's the one person who could rumble him. He just has a connection with her. She's the one person that makes him feel better. At the same time, knowing that when they're together, she is probably working him in some way, as he in some ways is working her, trying to suss her out further. That duality that exists every time they meet is very intoxicating, and it's fantastic to play those two things at once.

As much as Carrie has been changed and Brody has this new persona to uphold, I feel like his wife Jess (Morena Baccarin) might've changed more than anyone. She's living life as if they're this fabulously happy, perfect political family. 
Yeah, there's an interesting development with Jess where you see a woman suddenly with her eyes on the prize a little bit. She says to Brody, "Don't f--- this up, Brody." But it's not really just about Brody -- it's like, "I'm really enjoying this. Don't f--- it up for me." Jess becomes a bit of a social climber, and that's not actually particularly attractive. But wait until you see Morena in a dress at a political function. It's like JFK and Jackie O, even though that's a bit of an obvious reference. But we do kind of look not dissimilar to the red-headed Kennedy and the darker-skinned Jackie. I think it's great for Morena; I think she's loving that aspect of it. It'll be interesting to see because political wives will stand by their man through thick and thin. You saw Hillary Clinton. These guys can do the do and behave like assholes and have these strong, feisty, ambitious women stand by them and put on a smile, because they don't want to give it up either. "I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you ... you c---sucker." It'll be interesting to see if they go that far with Jessica, because they might have to.


There's a moment in the trailer for this season where Brody looks completely unhinged. He's washing blood off of himself in a car wash and burying ... something. 
It's very "Deer Hunter." That's episode 3 ... that's a very, very almost gothic episode. It's very operatic. It's amazing.

"Homeland" Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 30, 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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Sep 18th, 2012, 4:43 pm

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