'General Hospital's John Ingle Dead at 84

I have two older sisters; that is my excuse and disclaimer for why I rarely missed an episode of 'General Hospital' throughout the 1990s. Disclaimers aside, the truth is that the show was always entertaining, peppered with moments of brilliant acting (despite soap opera stereotypes). Throughout the run of the series, the Quartermaine family has been a staple of Port Charles life--ever since 1993, that family's patriarch, Edward Quartermaine, has been portrayed by John Ingle.

John Ingle as Edward Quartermaine

Sadly, a few days ago, Ingle's family announced his passing at age 84. As Edward Quartermaine, Ingle deftly delivered stern drama and light-hearted comedy with the same effortless touch. Unlike many soap opera stars, who appear to be reciting their lines from the inside of their eyeballs, Ingle embodied Quartermaine as equal parts loving grandfather and feared business mogul. Throughout the years that I watched the show religiously, he was a shining star of the series.

John Ingle as Edward QuartermaineA fact that many fans were not aware of is that Ingle spent years as a high school drama teacher before landing the role he would become known for. Amongst his students were the incredibly-talented trio of David Schwimmer, Albert Brooks, and Nicolas Cage. As many of us decided our career paths upon graduating from high school, the fact that Ingle was at the helm of a drama class which inspired these three names (and others) to pursue acting as a career is impressive and inspirational on its own.

Aside from his iconic turn as Edward Quartermaine, Ingle also appeared on other series including 'Big Love' and 'The Drew Carey Show.' Ingle's loving wife passed away a mere seven months prior to his death; they are survived by five daughters, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. His family released the following statement upon his passing:

"Father, Husband, Grandan, Great Grandan, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Teacher, Inspirer, Mentor: May You Soar with the Angels. You will forever hold a special place in the deepest corners of our hearts. You were joy, light and love. Goodness at its very best. For the rest of our days, we will all do our best to continue to make you proud. Rest in peace and continue to spread your generous spirit in the heavens above.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With love forever, from:.

Your 5 – J. Ingle Belles and the family, friends and loved ones you leave behind."

RIP John Ingle


- John Ingle
- General Hospital (US)

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Oh geesh..I remember this from the late 70's, and if we'd miss an episode , we'd have to go buy the digest to catch up... Nothing like the Quartermaines for a good juicy show.  84's not too shabby.. He had a pretty good run.. RIP

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