Steven Tyler Points Out Major Differences Between "American Idol" and "The X Factor"

Steven TylerSteven Tyler isn’t worried that “The X Factor” hype will overshadow the excitement for the 11th “American Idol” season, you shouldn’t be either. The newest judge, who replaced “The X Factor’s” Simon Cowell on the talent competition, feels that there’s no way to even compare the two shows despite sharing a fan base.

The first difference, in Steven Tyler’s opinion, is the chemistry between the judges. He feels that the judges on “American Idol” have “a little richer mixture” because their personalities just fit together and compliment each other. The interaction between the judges is why he watched Idol and he knows he’s not the only one. The X Factor on the other hand had the worst chemistry of judges, almost as bad as “America’s Got Talent.” Whether Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid were awkwardly fighting back and forth, or Nicole Scherzinger was throwing a diva fit, the judges simply did not get along.

The biggest difference between “The X Factor” and “American Idol” is the show in entirety. “It's the same thing in that it's trying to come up with the end product of a star, but that's always what I'm looking for anyway in somebody, that certain 'I know not what' that no one else has. I can see it, because I've seen it before,” Steven Tyler told Zap2It. After watching the entire season of X Factor, there’s no truer statement. Simon Cowell always drilled into America and the judges’ heads that they needed to find someone who had “the x factor,” the entire packaged deal. American Idol in a way works with contestants to bring out their “x factor.”

Simon Cowell is pleased enough with the way season one of “The X Factor” turned out, but he’s not denying big changes are needed. New judges perhaps?

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The problem with these shows is that they EXIST

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The problem with X is that setup made it about a competition among the judges instead of the talent.

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I didn't like the way the judged sniped at each other and I didn't like the judges being rude to the other contestants just to prop up their own guy or girl.

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thank a lot of your post !