TV vets joining CBS series


Three (dare I say) legendary actors are heading to CBS to do some guest starring work this season.

Michael Gross, who played Steven Keaton on the Family Ties, will join CSI. He will play the president of the univesity where D.B. Russell's son attends.

"My son is on a basketball team and his coach is murdered," said Ted Danson, who stars as Russell. "Then he gets involved in a triangle of sorts without even knowing it."

Criminal Minds is adding Meshach Taylor, who played Designing Women's Anthony Bouvier. He will play a homeless Vietnam vetean who helps identify a killer.

"Meshach has been a friend of mine for 41 years," says star Joe Mantegna, who pitched the idea. "We started our careers together back in the early '70s in the musical Hair. We're godfathers to each other's children." Mantegna says the November episode will explore his character's military past.

Thomas Gibson, who also stars on Criminal Minds, added that. "We learn the two were old platoon buddies who lost touch with one another."

And Person of Interest has cast Julian Sands (Smallville, 24) as a villain. He plays Alistair a international adversary who gives Reese a run for the money. Sands has signed on for only one episode, but the producers would like to bring him back for more.

- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
- Criminal Minds
- Person of Interest

Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 19th, 2012, 1:01 pm

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