Fred Willard Lands Guest Role on "Rob"

Do you need a wacky comedian to play a father? Look no further than Fred Willard. CBS confirmed that Fred Willard signed on to guest star on the upcoming sitcom, “Rob” as none other than the main character’s “reserved” father.

Fred Willard is best known for his roles on “Darma and Greg” or more recently his recurring guest role on ABC’s “Modern Family.” No one quite plays a father like he does, with the calming, but stern tone to his voice, and his ability to turn any situation into a joke when needed. This confirmation is juts one more reason why “Rob” may be the show needed to put comedian Rob Schneider back on the map. “Rob” follows the life of a newly wed who finds himself married into a tight-knit Mexican family.

Since his days on “Saturday Night Live,” Rob Schneider is usually that minor, awkward character in late night comedy films with a goofy demeanor or accent. He tried to break into television with show likes “Reel Comedy” or a US version of the UK’s “Men Behaving Badly,” but there’s a reason why you don’t remember either of these short lived sitcoms. It’s the year of comedic “comebacks!” Just like Rob Schneider, Will Arnett was looking for his break as well. The good news is, he found it!

Since “Arrested Development” left Fox‘s schedule, Will Arnett struggled to find a show that stuck with the American public. Sure, there was a string of guest appearances on “The Office,” “30 Rock” and even wife Amy Poehler’s “Parks and Recreations,” but even his critically praised show “Running Wilde” was cut short after one season. This fall Will Arnett joined Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph in the comedy “Up All Night,” focusing on the life changes a new baby makes. The show is such a success, it’s swapping schedule location with “Whitney” to join the Thursday comedy blocks.

Is it Rob Schneider’s time for the same type of “comeback?” Will “Rob” help him relive his glory “Saturday Night Live” days?

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 22nd, 2011, 9:45 pm