Bates Motel adds Last Airbender actress


Norman Bates, the legendary character created by Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho, is coming back to TV in a Psycho prequel named Bates Motel.

A&E is the company bringing the show to small screens and they have been working to round out the cast. Nicola Peltz, co-star of The Last Airbender, is close to a deal to play Bradley Kenner, a girl that Normal (Freddie Highmore) takes an interest in at school. Kenner is bright and sexy, with a depth past her years.

Olivia Cooke (Blackout) has also signed on to the series as Emma, a classmate of Norman's with a love of adventure, despite needing a portable oxygen tank with her at all times. 

Bates Motel is going to explore Norman's odd relationship with his dear mommy, Norma, and offer up some backstory that shows us how he became a serial killer. Up In The Air's Vera Farmiga will play Norma.

Lost's Carlton Cuse and Friday Night Lights' Kerry Ehrin have already joined the cast as well, as has Max Thieriot to play Dylan, Norman's older brother who has a rebellious streak.

Bates Motel, which bypassed the traditional pilot stage and was ordered straight to series, will premiere next year.

What do you think of this show? A&E has done some good work with its dramas, so I'll give this a whirl.

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Haha, Morning_Star, I didn't even notice that at first. Fixed.



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"Normal Bates..." What an ironic typo.


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Not to pick nits, but Robert Bloch was the author of the novel "Psycho" which was then adapted as a screenplay by Joseph Stefano the producer and a recurring writer on the original "The Outer Limits" TV  show. Sir Alfred selected the original material offering it to Stefano who was currently working on the screenplay for "The Birds. Stefano jumped at the chance to convert Bloch's novel leaving Evan Hunter to write the screenplay for "The Birds." Of course, Sir Alfred made the work his own by directing it.

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