Emmy nominees reveal dream acting jobs

EmmyThe Huffington Post has a cool little feature up today, where they asked Emmy nominated actors and actresses what show they would appear on if they could appear anywhere. If producers of these shows are paying attention, then lets make this happen! If these people want to do your show and are good actors, write them a part!

Christina Hendricks - "I'd love to do a guest spot on `Downton Abbey.' I'm absolutely in love with `Homeland.' I think it's amazing. I would do anything they asked me." 

Julie Bowen -  "Oh God, I don't know. `Dynasty?' I just want to wear really big shoulder pads and have crazy big hair." 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - "I'm a huge fan of `Parks and Recreation,' but I think I'd like to do something totally different, like `American Horror Story.' Oh sure, I'll get killed. That sounds fun. Or I'll play a nun, a spooky nun." – 

Bill Paxton -  "I would love to do a part on `Boardwalk Empire.' I'd have to play some guy that comes out from the West, a new hitter in town."

Joanne Froggart - "`Homeland' would be at the top of my list. It depends how it goes in series two. Maybe an agent? I'd like to play an FBI or CIA agent." 

Max Greenfield - "I would love to do a guest role on `Girls.' That show is about as good as it gets." 

Brenda Strong - "I have a classical background. I would love to be on `Game of Thrones' as some kind of queen coming in to challenge the Starks – wearing all those amazing costumes and wielding a sword. The actors are so good. That would be a dream."

Sarah Paulson - "`Game of Thrones,' but I'm an American, so I don't think that would happen. For that show, I'd go to the moon."

If you could appear on any show, what would you choose?

- The Emmy Awards

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I'd go with Dexter. It would be fun to be a creepy person. Does it film in Miami? I could use some Miami in my life.

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