'Ghost Whisperer' Producers Scaring Up New Projects

No longer communicating with the spirit world, the producers of The Ghost Whisperer have set up a few new projects, including a pair of dramas and several reality shows.

Recently declaring their independence, Ian Sander and Kim Moses moved their Sander/Moses Productions off of the Walt Disney Studios lot in order to collaborate more freely with all studios, networks, and cable outlets. They will serve as executive producers on all shows.

Kim Moses and Ian Sander
In development at ABC is an intriguing steampunk drama called Gaslight, written and executive produced by feature film scribe Michael Cooney (Identity). Described as a lavish soap opera featuring passion, greed, and hope, the project is set in a re-imagined present-day steampunk version of San Francisco as three rival families battle for power and redemption. This sounds kind of promising and completely unlike anything on US network television.

The other Sander/Moses drama is at CBS, which aired The Ghost Whisperer from 2005 until 2010. Entitled Reckless and set in Charleston, South Carolina, the show revolves around two adversarial lawyersa gorgeous Yankee litigator and a Southern city attorneyas they clash over a police sex scandal that threatens to ruin the city. Amidst this, the two struggle to hide their attraction to each other. This one seems significantly less interesting to me personally, but would probably find a wider audience.

Moving toward unscripted projects, they are developing an American version of Danish reality show Jailhouse Cook, also called Restaurant Behind Bars. In the US adaptation, a top chef will run a fine-dining establishment within one of America's most notorious prisons and teach inmates culinary skills that could aid them once they are released. I nominate Gordon Ramsay to host, just to see if he'd be so quick to flip his lid while working with dangerous convicts.

Sander/Moses also have other reality shows on their slate, including: Sex, Murder And Caviar, exploring the world of California's glamorous "caviar queen" and her female posse; Braddock, rebuilding a Pennsylvania ghost town that was once a bustling industrial mecca; and The Big Hurt, centering on former baseball slugger Frank Thomas as he deals with being a husband and father while growing his Big Hurt Beer business and providing commentary for the Chicago White Sox.

Do any of these projects strike your fancy, TVRagers?

- Frank Thomas
- Kim Moses
- Ian Sander

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Aw I miss seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt's "outfits" on that show. That's about all I miss.



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