Is "Whitney" Worthy of John Cleese?

Veteran comedian John Cleese is making an appearance on America TV in a big way. The British actor is known for his roles in such classics as “Fawlty Towers,” but he’ll soon be stopping by NBC’s “Whitney” for an upcoming episode.

During February sweeps, John Cleese will play a therapist that Alex and Whitney visit in hopes of working on their intimacy issues. While working through his exercises, the couple finds themselves in some comprising and ultimately awkward situations. Just how does a little sitcom like “Whitney” score John Cleese as a guest star? It’s the year of women, that’s how!

“Whitney” is just one of many shows on TV right now that showcase women in a loud, confident and funny manner. “Mike and Molly” started the trend in CBS’ winter line up, starring America’s newest “sweetheart” Melissa McCarthy. With a woman who is confident and classy, but not afraid to speak her mind, the show was an instant success. It doesn’t hurt that her family consists of an open, sexually-charged mother and a pothead sister.

“2 Broke Girls” found its way to CBS’ Monday line up, and was dubbed CBS’ “Best New Comedy.” A show also written by Whitney Cummings of “Whitney,” the show follows just that- two broke girls- as they try to build a business while working at a ma and pa café. The humor is offensive and sarcastic, unlike most things you’d expect out of a girl’s mouth.

This winter, Whitney Cummings’ pal Chelsea Handler will be joining the female comedy take over with “Are You There, Chelsea.” The show is based off of Chelsea Handler’s New York Times Best Seller, and real life. The previews show a loud mouth mother who is a “bad” mother, and is almost trashy. This is the same way most of the women appear in these comedies.

Though it’s great that women are getting recognition for their comedic sides, is this the way society should view women? In the end, most of these girls joke about life and their situations, but look weak willed, relying on the others around them to fix their problems. With the offensive jokes and storylines, does it further push the beliefs that “men and women are equal”- even in comedy?


Message Posted On Dec 23rd, 2011, 1:57 pm
Best news ever. John is one of the best slapstick comedic actors still living.