SNL finds more hidden Romney footage


Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president, made a big mistake - he criticized Saturday Night Live and said appearing on it was "not presidential." Probably not the best comments, as the show was likely going to mock him anyways. But his comments surely added fuel to the fire.

The NBC series returned to primetime Thursday in the first of its election season specials (there will be two). The cold open mocked Romney for his "47 percent" comments.

In the skit, the Fox & Friends - a staple segment SNL uses often - do not understand why people are upset with Romney's comments. The hosts, fawning all over Mitt, show a series of increasingly offensive hidden snippets staring Mitt (played by Jason Sudeikis). In one of them, he eats McDonald's like a regular person but quickly expels the food from his mouth.

“I’d complain to the chef," he said, "but let me guess: No hablas ingles, am I right?”

Next up, Mitt and his wife Ann are in Discovery Channel's Cash Can, where Romney is asked to finish this line, “At the hotel California, you can check in, but you can never—“


“Trust the staff with your valuables,” he answered. “It’s especially true in California, A.K.A., ‘North Mexico.’ And if you don’t mind, can you wire my winnings to the Cayman Islands?”

The skit ends with the show airing footage of Romney singing while showering. The song lyrics he is singing are a little off limits.

“Poor people hate having jobs," he sings. "The only thing the poor hate more than condoms is waking up and going to a job.”

 The video can be seen at the Hollywood Reporter here.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 21st, 2012, 5:44 am

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