FX Teams del Toro and Cuse, Orders Pilot for 'The Strain'

Take 'LOST' show-runner Carlton Cuse, add Mexican superstar writer/director/producer Guillermo del Toro, mix in a biological threat and some vampires... and you would be a fool not to bet on success. FX has tapped del Toro to develop a pilot adapted from the vampire-horror novel trilogy of same name which del Toro co-wrote with Chuck Hogan.

del Toro and Blade II vampire

del Toro is no stranger to vampires nor the supernatural, as seen here beside one of his 'Blade II' mutated vamp-creations. Then consider 'Hellboy' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' and you've got a great argument for del Toro as the finest special-effects director working today. The move to the small screen for del Toro is a first and represents a massive coup by FX; the fact that it is a labor of love, adapting a novel del Toro co-wrote, likely helped to seal the deal. Promising Cuse, a proven show-runner, as the general on this project likely greased the wheels the rest of the way.

The Strain coverThe first novel of a series, 'The Strain' combines scientific elements with a supernatural apocalypse in a believable, terrifying setting. Adapted most recently by Dark Horse Comics into a comic book miniseries, 'The Strain' places particular emphasis on the biology of vampires as parasitic creatures with a natural life-span and correlates in the animal kingdom--basically the opposite of the glitter-sparkle immortal emo kids of 'Twilight.'

Several cable networks were clamboring for the rights to the project, with FX making the sweetest pitch. FX has proven they are too smart to mess with a good thing, as Chuck Hogan will be brought in to co-script the pilot, hoping to recapture the magic of the novel series. del Toro told that he believes the existing three novels could represent five full seasons of an ongoing series--a tall order, but again, how could you bet against at least five seasons of success for such a dream-team?

The series will star a character named Eph Goodweather, a CDC investigator who is brought in to The Strain Dark Horse adaptationhandle the first appearance of the titular strain. Goodweather then teams with retired professor and Holocaust survivor Abraham Setrakian and the pair assemble a motley crew of specialists to handle the threat unfolding before them. del Toro explains how he and partner Hogan began fielding offers for options and series by the time the first novel was finished, however they avoided any such adaptations for fear of it influencing how the remaining novels would be written. What both del Toro and Hogan are clear about is that 'The Strain' is a closed story with a definitive arc; unlike mega-hit 'The Walking Dead' which just released its 103rd issue of the never-ending comic book, 'The Strain' begins with a clear ending in its sights.

Hogan and del Toro have recently re-teamed for another novel trilogy; apologies to fans of the novels, it would seem that they're going to be writing some scripts in the immediate future, as I cannot imagine this series doesn't get picked up.

- FX

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Best news I've had in a long time in regards to new shows! :)

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