Ben Stiller sells project to ABC


Ben Stiller is bringing the life of Ben Stiller to the small screen after reaching a deal with ABC. 

The actor and his Red Hour Films company are developing Please Knock, a single-camera comedy based loosely on his life.

Kevin Napier, who wrote Stiller's 2009 Fox drama pilot The Station, will be writing the script and executive producing along with Red Hour's Stuart Cornfeld, Debbie Liebling and Stiller.

Stiller and Red Hour inked an overall development pact with ABC in November. Please Knock, the result of that deal, will focus on Mitch Fuller, an A-lister who realizes he is losing touch with reality and his family, so he moves back to the same building in Manhattan where he grew up - and where his parents like. Please use Jerry Stiller, please use Jerry Stiller.

Stiller began his career in TV, with Fox/MTV's The Ben Stiller Show. 

Nothing has been said at this point about who will star in this vehicle. It would be huge for ABC if they landed Stiller to star, but I am not sure they could pay him a wage comparable to what he makes on the big screen. It would not hurt for them to ask, though. 

Does this appeal to you? It sounds pretty decent and the fact that ABC is developing gives me hope. I think it is the absolute right network for this show, at least if they are going after a younger crowd. 


- Ben Stiller

Written by: Hamatosan
Sep 21st, 2012, 5:59 pm

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