CBS Orders Up Some 'Intelligence'

High-concept drama is the order of the day. CBS has purchased a series based on an unpublished book by John Dixon called Dissident. The television adaptation will be titled Intelligence and revolves around a man with a top-secret experimental microchip embedded in his brain that is both a gift and a curse. In essence, the microchip turns him into a human computer in the way he sees and processes information.

Michael Seitzman

The project comes from writer Michael Seitzman, best known for penning the 2005 film North Country, as he will also executive produce along with movie producer Tripp Vinson (Red Dawn). Intelligence is the second drama project that Seitzman has sold this season, joining the epic period romance Cleopatra that earned a put pilot commitment from NBC in August.

Some have pointed out similarities to NBC's action-comedy/spy-drama Chuck, in which the main character unknowingly opens an email that subsequently uploads the entire database of a CIA/NSA supercomputer into his brain. However, Intelligence doesn't appear to have a comedic twist to it. There is a procedural element that is reminiscent of a pair of dramas already on the air at CBS including Person Of Interest, in which a duo tries to prevent crimes with the assistance of a unique computer program, and Unforgettable, which features a protagonist with the unusual mental ability to remember everything.

Is Intelligence just a ripoff of other shows, or will it be something different?

- Michael Seitzman

Written by: Chrononaut
Sep 22nd, 2012, 11:52 am

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