Sherilyn Fenn joins 'Magic City' on Starz

Sherilyn FennThe Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that 1990s superstar Sherilyn Fenn has joined the cast of Starz' period drama 'Magic City.' 

'Magic City' focuses on Miami Beach mobsters in the 1950s and Fenn will be joining the cast as Madame Renee, a former call-girl who now runs her own brothel, which Ben Diamond (Danny Huston) backs in the upcoming season. Along with Huston, 'Magic City' boasts Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('Watchmen,' 'Supernatural') who has starring roles in upcoming feature films. Add Fenn, a former Playboy covergirl and resident 'Twin Peaks' bad girl, and the reasons to tune in to the Starz original series continue to mount. 

Interestingly, the plotline that skyrocketed Fenn to stardom as Audrey Horne on David Lynch & Mark Frost's enigmatic series 'Twin Peaks' centered around Audrey posing as a call-girl. Now aged forty-seven, the stunningly beautiful Fenn will have no trouble convincing audiences that Madame Renee can name her own price for any proffered services. 

Fenn began her career in exploitation B-films which demanded more nudity than talent, however Lynch and Frost were able to spot her obvious natural presence and brought her aboard their ambitious 1990s project. The will-they-won't-they relationship between Fenn's Audrey and Special Agent Cooper Fenn glasses(Kyle Maclachlan) was a driving force behind the success of the series, second only to the Laura Palmer mystery itself (tune in to Television Time Machine in two weeks for an in-depth look back at 'Twin Peaks,' right here on TVRage!). 

Fenn's Madame Renee is described as a tough woman who can hold her own, even against 'Magic City's "The Butcher." Eventually, due to her management, Renee becomes one of Diamond's most valuable assets. 

Along with other stars joining the second season (including James Caan and Esai Morales), Fenn promises a major boost to the series' second season, which debuts in 2013. Keep reading TVRage for more details on this hot series. 

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Sep 22nd, 2012, 12:34 pm

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