The Voice Returns February 5

The Voice judgesIn six weeks NBC’s smash hit “The Voice” will return for its second season. The network has such faith in the show that it’s following THE SUPERBOWL with a two-hour premiere on February 5. The only connection between the two is that Christina Aguilera can’t mess up the national anthem on the singing competition.

Regardless, all four judges are back- that is Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Aguilera. Carson Daly will also host the show with Christina Milan joining the crew as the social media correspondent.  NBC began running promos of the blind auditions to get America excited. So far, we see a mom and a punk girl who have impeccable vocals. Will they find the talent they did last year? It’s likely. The more popular singing competitions become in America, the more talented musicians take the shows seriously and try out.

Last year “The Voice” had to compete with “American Idol,” fighting off rumors that it was the same show. This year critics and fans should recognize that it’s an entirely different layout, and if anything the process is more like that on “The X Factor.” Surprisingly, Simon Cowell has yet to defend his show against NBC’s rookie.  Unlike “American Idol,“ mentors on “The Voice” work directly with contestants, choosing songs and performances. Instead of just judging the competition, they are guiding the careers. This is where egos get in the way from time to time. Being the second season, maybe this will be less of a problem for the judges. On “American Idol” it’s almost as if all judges are mentors, with people like Jennifer Lopez and (now ex-) husband Marc Anthony teaching the contestants how to use listening devices while they sing.  The biggest difference of course is that the judges can’t see who is auditioning, while “American Idol” judges watch contestants after producers screen them.

During its first season, “The Voice” drew over 20 million viewers each week. Will “The Voice” see the success it did last year?

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 24th, 2011, 3:40 pm