Love Games - Bad Girls Need Love Too Returns to Oxygen in November

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too is returning to Oxygen this fall with fan favorites returning to compete for the loves of their lives. This reality competition features contestants Amy and Camilla from Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas among a group of Bad Girls who will pick from 14 eligible bachelors.

The girls will go on dates each week, trying to get to know the bachelors in between sending the bachelors on "challenges." The challenges are intended to name one of the girls "Head Bad Girl in Charge." This HBIC has the privilege of eliminating a contestant for the week, as well as having a "special power" that will help her win the game. She willa lso have access to the "Style Suite" that is full of the best clothes and accessories to wear on the dates. Later in the season past contestants Joey and Taylor will also try to get in on the action.

The Bad Girls include Amy from Palm Bay, Camilla from Long Beach and Dani from Methuen. The girls will compete for eligible bachelors Andre, Brandon, Casey, Danny, Devin, Jamin, Javier, Joey, Josh, Mo, Shane, Taylor, Travis and Tyrone.

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too premieres November 12 on Oxygen.

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Written by: mawarner
Sep 24th, 2012, 10:10 pm

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