Jarod Joseph Dishes on The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex is the summer's best guilty pleasure. Though it's almost a revamp of Melrose Place, there's just enough drama to keep you coming back each week.

Jarod Joseph is pulling double duty starring in both ABC's Once Upon a Time and The L.A. Complex. Both shows are entirely different from each other, but play important roles in Jarod's life.

On The L.A. Complex Jarod stars as Christopher Taylor, an openly gay lawyer who falls for the upcoming, still in the closet rapper, Kaldrick King. The two seem to heat up the screen in the last few episodes of the sophomore season as Kaldrick realizes that he's in love.

Jarod recently told Carter Matt that he enjoys playing Christopher because he's spontaneous, but has a clear direction of what he wants in life. "To be an openly gay black man in the pool with sharks as a lawyer everyday is something I would imagine doesn’t come without a certain amount of crap," he admitted.

With a shocking season finale this week, Jarod was first to admit that the executive producer is pushing for a third season. "I had a brief conversation with [executive producer] Stephen Stohn prior to filming my final scenes this year and he sounded very optimistic that between the quality of television everyone feels is being put out in addition to the ridiculous amount of fan support, that could be enough to merit another season."


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Written by: mawarner
Sep 24th, 2012, 10:49 pm

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