Is Nicole Scherzinger Leaving "The X Factor?"

Nicole Scherzinger of The X FactorSimon Cowell predicted that “The X Factor” would take over American television. However, in reality the show was successful.. Enough, but nothing like Cowell boasted would happen. The music mogul recently admitted he was too cocky predicting the success, but that the first season is always a learning experience. Rumor has it Cowell is looking to adjust the judges panel for the second season. Could Nicole Scherzinger being the first victim of the revamp?

Recently Scherzinger told Access Hollywood that she would love to return to “The X Factor” if the producers wanted her. She admits it was an emotional time, but she rolled with the punches. Just days later Scherzinger told Radar Online a different story, but could it be that someone was handed a pink slip?

The former Pussycat Doll nearly dodged the question about her return stating, “Next year for me, it’s about my music,” she said. “This has been quite a learning experience, quite a journey for me. I didn’t expect to have been so emotional through the whole elimination process. I wanted to just mentor and empower artists.”  Of course it would be hard promoting and touring for her U.S. debut “Killer Love” while judging on the show, but it is doable. In fact look at how “American Idol” helped judge Jennifer Lopez’s solo career. She’s the comeback queen, officially!

Though Scherzinger has not confirmed or denied the rumors, all we can do is wait for her next move. Before Scherzinger joined the judges, Cheryl Cole (from the UK’s “X Factor”) was set to judge acts, she got the axe and Scherzinger was bumped from host to judge. After all is said and done, maybe the producers are realizing that Scherzinger wasn’t the best fit for the job. When compared to the other judges, she was clearly less effective or knowledgable. Often her “criticism” or “praise” appeared more as jumbled thoughts that an actual advice.

Who would be a good replacement as the second female judge on “The X Factor?”

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 25th, 2011, 12:50 pm


Message Posted On Jan 6th, 2012, 6:36 pm
Bring back Cheryl Cole!!! If that isn't possible then get Leona Lewis. She was a winner on UK's X Factor and knows how the show works. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE replace LA Reid! He really made the show suck!
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