Disney Unveils Halloween Line Up

Looking for a family-friendly, spooktacular time this fall? The Disney Channel announced that spooks, tricks and treats are taking over its teen line-up this October, with Halloween-themed episodes of its most popular shows of the moment. Starting Friday, October 5 families can gather around the television each week for season premieres and ghoulish storyines.

A.N.T Farm kicks off the festivities on Oct. 5 at 8 p.m/7c as Chyna Parks returns to the mutA.N.T. program. Chyna goes to school with "normal" students as well as monsters, but finds herself crushing on a human.

The second season premiere of Jessie continues the Halloween celebration as The Ross kids learn about the story of a nanny who did "something terrible" to the kids she watched on Halloween.

During the 9 p.m. slot, Gravity Falls' Halloween special airs as Dipper and Mabel join in on the Jack-o-Melons and trick-or-treating while Wedny advises them against it. Can monsters mingle with humans?

Fish Hooks and Chicks Dig Vampires round off the kick-off night as a childhood doll creeps out Bea and returns no matter which way she tries to get rid of it in Fish Hooks. Over on Chicks Dig Vampires, Ablert has a crush on a fellow vampire and will do anything to get her attention. The only problem is she really is a vampire slayer!

The celebration concludes Oct. 12 as Disney premieres its latest made-for-tv movie, Girl Vs. Monster. In honor of Halloween, this movie follows teenage Skylar, a singer who wants to throw the ultimate Halloween party with her best firends. However, her parents make her stay home so she can't sing with her band at the party. She sneaks out of the house and unleashes a monster who is after her family. It is then that Skylar learns that she is a monster hunter! Only she and her family can put the town back together as the monster goes on a rampage. Expect to see Girl Vs. Monster throughout the season along with the classic Halloween High films.

Check out Disney's website for exclusive Halloween-themed games and previews of upcoming premieres and Halloween episodes.

- Jessie (2011)
- Fish Hooks

Written by: mawarner
Sep 25th, 2012, 10:18 pm

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