A "That 70s Show" Reunion? Well.. Kind of...

It’s reunion season as ABC first announced that Alicia Silverstone would join “Clueless” co-star Jeremy Sisto on “Suburgatory.” NBC confirmed that “Are You There, Chelsea?” will also feature a reunion that’s likely to leave “That 70s Show” fans excited.

Laura Prepon stars in the sitcom as a character based off of comedian Chelsea handler’s real life. Prepon, who played Donna on the Fox show, is excited that Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez, will join her in an upcoming episode. Valderrama will play a minor league baseball player who Prepon’s character is pursuing.

Though Fez was always in love with Donna on “That 70s Show,” the pair never hooked up. Prepon admits that their kissing scenes were a little awkward to say the least. "We have a couple of kissing scenes, which was really weird for us," she told TV Guide. Though the show is over, the group of young actors are still close friends, which really makes it more awkward considering you’re kissing one of your best friends!

Ashton Kutcher is another “That 70s Show” cast member who returned to TV, in fact he shoots “Two and a Half Men” in the studio right next door to “Are You There, Chelsea?” Prepon said she went to support “Kutch” at the beginning of the season. “Mila [Kunis], Topher [Grace], Danny [Masterson] and Wilmer all came to my set last week,” she said. “We're family forever."

Acting isn’t the only thing that the group has in common. Laura, Ashton, Danny and Wilmer co-owner a variety of restaurants across the country. Prepon said that one restaurant, Big Wangs, reminds her of the bar that her character works at. The homely bar is the type of place you can go, watch a game and have a beer.  "People should be able to relate to this set," she said.

“Are You There, Chelseas,” appears in NBC’s winter line up on Wednesday nights.

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Dec 26th, 2011, 1:15 pm

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