Want to get your house cleaned by Raising Hope's Martha Plimpton?

Martha Plimpton & Garret Dillahunt

TV networks running contests to promote the premiere or return of shows is nothing new. Whether it be a walk-on role on the show, or just a chance to visit the set, these little promotions are just another way to raise awareness that a show is soon to air. Which brings us to today's contest, one that features a strange yet fitting prize. And the whole thing was the idea of Raising Hope star Martha Plimpton herself:

"People are always trying to come up with creative ways of engaging the viewers,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “And I thought well, I play a housekeeper on a show, what if I went and cleaned the house of Raising Hope‘s biggest fan. In my uniform."

FOX execs apparently thought the idea was a joke when Plimpton first pitched it, but as of today, the wacky notion has become a reality. Fans can go here: to enter. The challenge is to submit your best "Awkward Family Photo", along with a paragraph explaining how your family is similar to the Chances, and why you deserve to receive a personal house cleaning by series stars Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt. Yep, Dillahunt's part of the deal too, as he'll be making like his character on the show and mowing the lucky winner's lawn.

Although the two actors will obviously receive assistance in their efforts by professional cleaning crews, this will still be quite the cool prize for one lucky Raising Hope fan. Many people dream of meeting the stars of their favorite TV show, but the fact they will be coming to and cleaning the winner's house is just icing on the cake. Viewers have until October 8th to submit entries, and series creator Greg Garcia will (naturally) be determining who wins.

Do you watch Raising Hope? Will you be entering the contest?

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Written by: msd85
Sep 27th, 2012, 7:12 am

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