'New Girl' Hooks Up With Olivia Munn

One of the hottest women on television—objectively speaking, of course—Olivia Munn has signed up for a guest role on FOX comedy series New Girl.

The guest-starring story arc will see Munn play a woman named Angie, a sexy, earthy, and charming new love interest for Nick (Jake Johnson) who can hold her own with his group of friends. In addition to series star Zooey Deschanel as Jess, that group of friends includes Nick's other roommates Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris).

Olivia Munn in Princess Leia costume

As co-host of Attack Of The Show! on the G4 network from 2006 until 2010, Munn became a sex symbol to geeks and nerds worldwide despite her lack of knowledge about video games. Since then, she moved on to become a correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and was the first actress cast in NBC's ensemble comedy Perfect Couples, but the series was cancelled in its first season.

Munn has also appeared in a variety of movies such as Iron Man 2 and Magic Mike. Currently, she stars as financial news reporter Sloan Sabbith on Aaron Sorkin's HBO drama The Newsroom, providing a perfect blend of beauty and brains.

Sexy, earthy, and charming? That doesn't sound like much of a challenge for her. I could watch this woman brush her teeth for three hours, so I'll probably have a look at her episodes. Will you?

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Written by: Chrononaut
Sep 27th, 2012, 11:10 am


Message Posted On Sep 27th, 2012, 3:49 pm
OOps, that was moi, below., Autocorrect is not my friend!

Message Posted On Sep 27th, 2012, 3:47 pm
Hah! Indeed, what an hilarious (and hot! - sunburn notwithstanding) choice for an image. You guys f-ing slay me.

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Omg, that picture. Humina humina.

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