Mindy Lahiri Lives in a Fantasy World on The Mindy Project

Love it or hate it- The Mindy Project is a dream sitcom for any girl looking for love. Mindy Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN who wants her life to play out like a romantic comedy. Her dreamy doctor boyfriend dumps her for the bagel lady, and she public embarrasses herself at his wedding before deciding she was done living a scandalous life.

However, though she's growing it takes a long time to change bad habits. Mindy Kaling recently told Zap2it that she thinks the show is about "a girl who wishes her life was a movie."

Having made a name for herself as Kelly Kapor on The Office, Kaling is the first to compare the two comedies stylistically. "She is fun to write because she has huge blind spots," Kaling said. "She is a little elitist, compared to Michael Scott in 'The Office,' who put the premium on coolness."

She won't even just compare the two, but welcomes her former castmates to join in on the fun as well. Ed Helms even appeared in the pilot as Dennis, Mindy's "perfect" date.

"I love working with Ed because obviously he is such a close friend of mine," she saod. "But I don't want to take too many people from 'The Office' too soon. Ed's [appearance is] late in the pilot. People liked it because of the comedy of a blind date."

Though Mindy will find a boyfriend mid-season, it doesn't look like he'll be around for too many episodes. Perhaps fans can expect more guest stars in the future as potential suitors?

- The Mindy Project
- Mindy Kaling

Written by: mawarner
Sep 27th, 2012, 7:21 pm

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