Zac Efron drops by 'Sesame Street'

A “High School Musical” star recently dropped by "Sesame Street" to teach Elmo- and of course the kids at home- about patience, which happened to be the Word of the Day.

Zac and Elmo

Zac Efron (pictured, right), who also appeared in “The Paperboy” with Nicole Kidman, told the red children’s favorite, "You have to wait in a calm way, you have to show patience."  This is a problem for Elmo, who wants to play “NOW!” The seal? (as J.D. on “Scrubs” decides he is) then attempts to distract the heartthrob with a basketball game.

The 24-year-old actor finally gets through to Elmo. He waits patiently until the basketball says he needs to “go get some air,” and bounces away. That turn of events does not please Efron, but Elmo reminds him of the word of the day.

Efron made his name as a jock-turned-thespian named Troy in Disney’s “High School Musical” series. He also appeared as young Matthew Perry in “17 Again,” and in “Charlie St. Cloud.” Lately he has appeared in more adult features such as Lee Daniels’ gritty “The Paperboy” and in a cameo in Josh Radnor’s “Liberal Arts” as a damn dirty hippie.

Here’s a look at Efron’s “Sesame Street” appearance.


- Zac Efron
- Sesame Street

Written by: KurtK26
Sep 28th, 2012, 8:34 am


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Ah... Hmmm... I already said it once today: Partial Credits.
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