Kyle MacLachlan Talks 'Made In Jersey,' David Lynch

From the Pacific Northwest to suburbia and now to the Jersey shore, actor Kyle MacLachlan's seem to run the gamut of Americana. MacLachlan spoke with Vulture recently about the new series "Made In Jersey", as well as reminiscing with neighbor David Lynch and the staying power of the pair's classic series "Twin Peaks."

Kyle MacLachlan

In "Made In Jersey," MacLachlan plays mentor and law partner of Jersey girl Martina (Janet Montgomery). The actor credits the opportunity to show creators Darren Star and Michael Patrick King being big fans of his classic "Twin Peaks" role. "They loved whatever I did as Agent Cooper, [and] it started the relationship and made it possible. So David Lynch has been responsible either directly or indirectly for all of it," MacLachlan joked.

The actor caused quite the stir a few years ago when he dropped hints of Agent Cooper returning in 'Twin Peaks' webisodes. MacLachlan says, blame it on the (damn good) coffee. "I had eight cups of coffee just to keep going, bang bang bang, a new interview every five minutes. So I was highly caffeinated, and I think I was rambling, and I said something to the effect of, 'One thing you could do would be a more scaled-down version,' and I left it at that. Well, the chunk they pulled from what I said was, 'Kyle wants to do webisodes.' So you get that news story from a mix of talking to the wrong people, under the influence of jet lag and a woozy brain, and I've paid the price for a few years now." Perhaps even from eccentric director David Lynch himself, who MacLachlan remains in close contact with to this day as the two are neighbors.

MacLachlan continued, "There's still a tremendous interest in the show all these years later, so that's a testament to its staying power, which is very flattering. I think that show is going to live on as it is... We signed up for a grand experiment, and there were so many people who thought there was no real way we were going to make it past the pilot. If it didn't go to series, it would be a movie of the week."

So, "Twin Peaks" fans probably shouldn't hold their breath for more content. However, you can check out MacLachlan in the legal dramedy "Made In Jersey" Fridays on CBS.

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Message Posted On Sep 29th, 2012, 10:18 pm
Wishing him the best. *** Decent -if fairly minor- appearance on 'Made In Jersey.' *** Hoping to see more.
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