CBS Woos 'Nerds In Love'

CBS is doubling down on us nerds. With the success of "The Big Bang Theory," the network has agreed to a pilot production commitment of "Nerds In Love."

Jason Winer

The talent behind the single-camera comedy project makes it look very promising. Jason Winer, who has directed episodes of "Modern Family" and "New Girl," will helm the project while also serving as producer. The show is the brainchild of "How I Met Your Mother" writers Tami Sagher and Kourtney Kang, and is said to be loosely based on the pair's unlikely friendship forged while working on the show, examining the love lives of fast friends at a marketing firm.

Winer had previously worked with Sagher on the upcoming midseason comedy "1600 Penn" series, and the pair reached out to Kang after stories of the writers' relationship struck a unique chord rife with material. “Tami is a true blue nerd who payed herself for math camp, while Kourtney is a former cheerleader. Yet, the two have formed an unlikely bond, helping each other through the misguided steps of their love lives," Winer said.

"It lies somewhere between '2 Broke Girls' and 'The Big Bang Theory,'" Winer explained, hopefully referring to the overall plot of the show rather than the level of comedy we can expect. Given that it's from two "How I Met Your Mother" writers and the director of "Modern Family"'s first season, I would expect it to be a funny version of the two shows Winer mentioned.

- Modern Family
- How I Met Your Mother
- Jason Winer
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Written by: kyleiam
Sep 30th, 2012, 6:49 am

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