'Revenge' Star VanCamp Teases Second Season

The suspense drama "Revenge" ended its first season with Madeleine Stowe's Victoria Grayson seemingly getting blown up in a fiery plane crash, along with any evidence that would clear Amanda Clarke's maligned father's name. But according to star Emily VanCamp, the second season seems prepped to blow up in an even bigger way.


Indeed, big things are happening in the Hamptons, not the least of which is Emily/Amanda's search for her long-thought-dead mother. "Going into Season 2, this is proving to be Emily's greatest challenge yet," VanCamp said. "You see her unraveling a little bit. Emily's determination to find her mother becomes unhealthy, obsessive and really dangerous."

Jennifer Jason Leigh ("Weeds" "Single White Female") has joined the cast as Amanda's estranged mother, and VanCamp can't wait to explore what's sure to be a bizarre reunion. "I absolutely love the exploration of that mother-daughter relationship. It's almost as if Emily is looking into a mirror when we see that relationship, and she starts to wonder whether she is developing the same mental disorders as her mother. It's just a very different place to see Emily in, because she normally isn't nearly this vulnerable," VanCamp said.

And don't expect something as trivial as a horrible plane crash to hold ice queen Victoria Grayson down, as series creator/producer Mike Kelley confirmed she will return... just not in what capacity. Kelley laughs, "I'm not going to tell you that. But yes, I would have to be crazy not to bring Madeleine back. I've been known to be a little crazy from time to time, but not that crazy!"

Be sure to check out all the other crazy goings on with the season premiere of "Revenge" TONIGHT on ABC!

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Sep 30th, 2012, 12:28 pm

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