Jennifer Carpenter Talks Dexter Season Premiere

As you dear readers could surmise from TV Rage's review, the new season of "Dexter" did not kick off in as memorable a fashion as it did in its golden years. Deb, played by Jennifer Carpenter, finally figured out her odd brother's side-occupation in a somewhat underwhelming fashion. Recently, the actress spoke with Vulture regarding where the Showtime series goes from here, so those fans attempting to avoid spoilers should stop reading... now.

Jennifer Carpenter

Carpenter says she hopes to avoid the typical reaction among characters who have discovered Dexter's dirty deeds, which is to recognize that he's killing "evil" people and therefore should be cheered on. "That’s one thing that I was trying to lobby against. Because I feel like it would be wildly convenient if yet another person in Dexter’s life was championing him or making discoveries about themselves or their own lives through his murder," Carpenter told Vulture.

Instead, expect Deb and Dexter to walk on eggshells for a little while. "It’s as if Debra walks around with handcuffs in her back pocket, and every other moment she considers reaching for them. And Dexter is finding himself having to walk this line," Carpenter explains. "He’s very aware that she’s sitting on an ax that can fall at any moment on one side or the other — one that favors him, and one that doesn’t."

Carpenter acknowledges the misstep with the show teasing a more-than-sibling relationship between Deb and Dexter. "I immediately had a lot of questions. I wanted to know if it would be long-lived, if it was something that they were really going to explore," she said.

But don't expect that thread to be unraveled anytime soon now that Deb has uncovered her brother's seedy underbelly. "I think after seeing him stab someone strapped on a table, those feelings kind of hit the back-burner and stay there for a little bit," Carpenter continued. "I just feel like [a romantic relationship between Dexter and Deb] would be such a jackknife move that people would abandon us. I was afraid of it; it just put a lot of fear in me."

"Dexter" will reportedly end its run after the forthcoming eighth season -- how do you see the series playing out?

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This show was never more than a single slasher flick plot. The first season could have been a trash-slash like My Bloody Valentine and then gone away quietly. Everything since has been tacked on (although admittedly, Lithgow is the man).

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