'Walking Dead' Showrunner Gets Gritty in New Season

The new season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is right around the corner, and viewers can't wait to bite into what's in store. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Glen Mazzara talks about a much darker, more suspenseful, and faster moving third season. As always, a few spoilers are ahead, so those wanting to watch the new season with a blank slate should stop reading.

The Walking Dead

The season three tagline "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living" and the impending arrival of big bad The Governor should give viewers a good idea of what Mazzara has in store for our survivors. And don't expect to see the series hold back on the violence and terror seen in the comic book series, the showrunner says: "There is a tremendous amount of leeway. AMC is interested in pushing the boundaries. We do have material this season that's darker than the comics. There is some very dark material that's darker than how certain things played out in the comics."

"It would be hard, after those last two episodes of season two, to go back to a quieter version of the show. When those walkers come through the farm at the end and everybody has to hit the road, all hell has broken lose," Mazzara said. "It is hard to put the genie back in the bottle. The pace is very different this year, it's a lot more suspenseful and intense than it was last year."

As Rick's leadership of the group verges on dictatorship, expect to see him become more isolated and more desperate. "He's emotionally shutting himself out. He's tried in the past to be a good husband, father and friend, and these things have not gone well for him," Mazzara explains. "But he is a good leader and he's keeping people alive. That's really what his comfort zone is, and that's the central story for the season: How does Rick deal with all these different demands?"

The season finale introduced mystery woman Michonne to the series, and promotional stills have teased more characters -- some new, like The Governor and mystery woman Michonne, some old, like the returning Merle (Michael Rooker). How will Daryl react to the return of his long-thought-dead big brother? "That's a major storyline that we intend to explore. Merle would expect Daryl to fall in line with the behavior that these two brothers have always had in the past, he expects Daryl to be the little brother looking up to him but he has a new family and would see Merle as a threat to that family," Mazzara teased. "Brother against brother is a dynamic that is fresh to the show in the sense that that's not an element from the original comic book."

October 14th cannot get here fast enough...

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Oct 1st, 2012, 11:55 am

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