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Edwin Hodge Joins "Cougar Town," Writers Take Show on Tour

Edwin Hodge“Cougar Town” was one of the obvious shows missing from ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block. Though ABC assured the comedy is not canceled, fans have been uneasy about whether the show would be back. Producers announced the season premiere is expected for March 2012- finally.

The show will undergo a few changes, most notably that Laurie will have a new boyfriend! Broadway star Edwin Hodge will play Wade, a U.S. soldier who is romantically linked to Laurie. It will get serious quick when Wade is deployed to the Middle East.

Though Edwin Hodge is a new addition the show, producers are concerned that America forgot about the show. Due to its midseason start, the series was cut by seven episodes. Co-creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel are determined to get the hype back for the ABC sitcom.

The duo is taking the show on the road for “Cougar Town” viewing parties at cities across the United States. At least one cast member and writer will be at every venue airing the show. So far Louisville, Atlanta and Sarasota are confirmed events, and it’s likely New York, Boston, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco and San Diego will also be on the tour schedule.

Keep in mind, it’s not an ABC sponsored event, solely a grassroots tour to promote the show. Lawrence believes that it’s important to give fans as much access as possible to the show. He tried similar tactics for the failed “Scrubs“ series. "For me, every show that I've felt like, 'Wow, they actually care what the fans think' or 'They're actually writing for somebody,' I'm more loyal to,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Are you excited for the return of “Cougar Town?”

- Cougar Town

Written by: mawarner
Dec 27th, 2011, 11:59 am

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