House of Lies Premieres on Youtube

You don’t have to wait until January 8th to watch the first episode of House of Lies. Showtime has posted the pilot on Youtube. The new series stars Don Cheadle and Kirsten Bell in a dark comedy. The two portray management consultants with questionable ethics.

Are you prepared for the opening scene? We get to see a very naked Don Cheadle hopping out of bed in the very first minute. As he rushes to get clothed his nude companion decides she wants to overstay her welcome. You can already tell what sort of mischief his character might be getting into over the course of the series.
Cast of House of Lies

Kristen Bell is playing Jeannie Van Der Hooven, an ambitious blond on Don Cheadle’s team. She tries to keep her personal life separate from her work life. Yet, she isn’t afraid to party. No character seems to be squeaky clean, but what else do you expect from a show called House of Lies? So far Showtime is promising promiscuity, strippers, and a few nude scenes from its stars.

You can watch the full episode of House of Lies right now. Watch the video below and tell me your first thoughts.
The creator of the show is Matthew Carnahan who was the brains behind Dirt. That show was focused on tabloids and the news cycle. The show  also featured dark humor and it will be interesting to see if Carnahan goes down some of the same pathways. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out in his new show.

House of Lies premieres January 8th on Showtime. Its regular slot will be Sundays at 10 pm. The first episode is titled, “Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments”.

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Written by: susans
Dec 27th, 2011, 9:28 pm

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