10 Reasons Why Howard Stern Could Be a Bad Choice As Judge

Howard stern workingSome might say that Steven Tyler isn’t for a family show either, but there is one person that REALLY doesn’t belong on regular television programming. Recently, “America’s Got Talent” announced that Howard Stern is going to be a judge on the upcoming season. Immediately, parents around the United States jumped on their phones and complained. There are many reasons why Howard Stern could be a bad choice as judge for the “family show”. Here are 10 of them:

  1. The Parent Television Council – Yeah, you know the committee of people who have already canceled “Playboy Club” from NBC. The PTC is ruthless when it comes to things that are appropriate for “family television” as “America’s Got Talent” claims to be.
  2. Stern Isn’t For Children – You have heard of “Private Parts” and Stern’s ongoing radio show that was taken off the air and brought back for Adult Radio. All of these paint Stern as the person he is. It only makes sense that you wouldn’t put him on a show that little children are watching.
  3. Destructive to Ratings – Let’s face it. Howard Stern is not for everyone and for many people, not even appropriate for Sirus/XM radio. Howard Stern doesn’t have that big of a fan base if you look at it and the fan base he does have isn’t going to go watch a bunch of people make fools out of themselves. Reality TV is not their show of choice.
  4. Could Bankrupt NBC – Granted, NBC was already bought out by ComCast, but still, with the $15 Million that Howard Stern is going to be paid to sit down and “attempt” to bring comic relief to the table (even though we all thought that is why Howie Mandel is there already for) and light off-color jokes, they are going to also pay $10 Million to take the show from L.A. to New York.
  5. The Censors are going to go Crazy – We all know that Howard Stern doesn’t hold back and like we saw on “American Idol”, neither did Steven Tyler. However, the fact of the matter is that Howard Stern is more foul-mouthed then Tyler is ever going to be.
  6. He is too blunt – Granted it is always nice when we saw Simon or Piers tell a contestant who was horrible that they were really bad, but it is quite possible that Howard Stern is going to be “overly” blunt with the acts and inappropriately as well. Unless they pull in the rein, which is unlikely, it is going to be bad.
  7. Stern Has No Credentials – Unlike Sharon and Howie, who have both signed talent and know what it looks like, Howard Stern has made a career making fun of it. He has no talent to be able to spot a potential Vegas star and it is impossible to see if he is going to help anyone.
  8. Too Many Haters – There are a lot of people who despise Howard Stern and it is clear that this is going to affect the ratings of “America’s Got Talent”. By trying to bring in people, they are going in retrospect, turn a lot of people away from the show and eventually seal its doom on NBC.
  9. Change in Rating – It is already a given that the FCC is going change the rating of the show and this is going to change the viewers’ opinions. It is not going to be rated as a “family show”, even though they have pushed that envelope far enough with what they have allowed to air.
  10. He is not that popular – As many have stated, Howard Stern is the “King of All Media”. However, that is an untrue statement. Just because you fight for your right to not be censored and then lose that case, doesn’t make you the King of anything, just creepier then before. It is going to be interesting if they’re going to keep to this.

In the end, it is going to be “America’s Got Talent” and NBC’s choice as to whether or not they are going to keep the sex-talk shock jock on the show. If it comes to it, there is going to be another petition going around banning “America’s Got Talent” from the airways and they will be loosing a lot of money rather then gaining it. Most likely they’re going to make the right choice. The sad thing is that it will probably be safe due to the fact that people will tune in to see what he says next just like his radio show.

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Written by: tvaholic
Dec 28th, 2011, 10:11 am

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