Ty Burrell: Modern Family is an agent of change

BurrellHas ABC's Modern Family changed America? 

According to Ty Burrell, who stars on the show as Phil Dunphy, absolutely.

"I have family members that I don’t necessarily need to name, that felt one way [about gay rights] five years ago and feel a different way now," the Emmy-winning actor said. "And I do really think that has something to do -- not just our show, just our general, of seeing, day in and day out, gay people living the same lives as everybody else. And I think that, sort of weirdly enough, that banality, is revolutionary."

Burrell says that the couple played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet being so easily accepted as normal people is the cog that drives the show.

"Just seeing [their characters] Mitch and Cam dealing with the kid trying to sleep, trying to figure out how to dress them for Halloween, fighting about who’s the breadwinner," he said. "Everything is, other than a few small things, is essentially the same."

As polls show that America is moving towards acceptance of same-sex marriage Burrell says that he sense the change, even if it is slow.

"I know several conservative people that were saying one thing five years ago, and are now changing their tone," he explained. "Some super conservative people I know are not necessarily prepared to advocate for gay marriage, but I hear them defending gay people. I mean, literally, if something is said about gay people, I have heard those very same people who would have been on that other side of the argument, saying like, ‘Well, you know, it’s not easy for them. They’re trying their best.’ Even if it’s still a little patronizing, it’s changed its tone."

- Ty Burrell
- Modern Family

Written by: Hamatosan
Oct 3rd, 2012, 10:49 am

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