'Late Show' Welcomes Mitt Romney—Played By Jack Black

David Letterman and Jack Black as Mitt Romney

For the last few months, David Letterman has been making impassioned pleas to convince Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to appear as a guest on his CBS Late Show. However, Romney has steadfastly refused to even issue a response and mentioned in the infamous leaked videos from a fundraiser that he believes Letterman hates him because he has appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno several times.

During his monologue on Friday's Late Show, Letterman brought up the subject again and jokingly instructed his audience to refrain from voting for Romney if he continues to snub the veteran late-night host. He also dedicated his trademark Top 10 list to "Reasons Mitt Romney Should Appear On The Late Show," ending with #1: "John McCain once blew us off--how'd that turn out?"

Fed up with waiting for the real deal, Letterman finally got his interview with Romney by bringing out comedic actor Jack Black to play the part. With his "mom jeans" hitched up as high as humanly possible, Black-as-Romney came out and praised Letterman and his Late Show staff for their professionalism and objectivity. When asked about how America could right the ship, "Romney" advised cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and buying the DVD of the film Bernie, starring Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey, and "national treasure" Jack Black.

Do you think Mitt Romney will appear before the election? Should he?

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Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 3rd, 2012, 11:35 am

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