Will Matt Smith Return to "Doctor Who?"

Matt Smith of Doctor WhoTwitter went ablaze Christmas day with a slew of unimpressed “Doctor Who” fans over BBC’s Christmas special. Though most fans feel the highlight of every “Doctor Who” season is the beloved Christmas special, this year writers didn’t quite hit the mark. Since the beginning of the season, it’s been a question of whether Matt Smith would stay on as Doctor Who or if he’d leave to pursue a film career as he desires.

Though co-stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving the BBC One series, Smith stated that he has no plans to leave. Gillan and Darvill, who play Amy Pon and husband Rory Williams, announced their departure in early December. Fans were worried this also meant that Smith would be gone as well.

Smith, who has played Doctor Who since 2010, explained his choice on “The Graham Norton Show” over the weekend. “No. I am very happy to stay. I love it and love making the show.” Though he is staying, he does admit that he’ll miss Gillan. “She’s my best mate,” he said. He even referred to her as a “firecracker.”

Fans of the show can look forward to new additions to the cast, as well as multiple specials for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the franchise. This includes a “Doctor Who” movie that will follow the series from the origins to present day storylines.

Perhaps cameos from as many cast members throughout the years as possible?

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 28th, 2011, 11:14 am

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