CBS Purchases A Comedy And A Drama

Today, CBS purchased a blended family comedy and a medical-related drama.

Despite having the feature film adaptation of The Smurfs on their resume, writers Jay Scherick and David Ronn sold a multi-camera comedy about a blended family to CBS. Written and executive produced by the Smurfs co-writers, the untitled project revolves around two very opposite brothers who are forced by circumstance to move their two very different families into the same house.

The 2011 version of The Smurfs was a sleeper hit for Sony Pictures and earned Scherick and Ronn a blind script deal from the television arm of the studio. The duo also co-wrote the sequel, scheduled for release next year, and have been selected to script a 3D animated adaptation of Popeye. After starting their careers on small screen fare such as Mr. Rhodes, Caroline In The City, and Spin City, they segued to the big screen with Guess Who, Norbit, and Zookeeper.

On the drama side, CBS Television Studios signed Lie To Me creator/executive producer Samuel Baum to a development deal. His first project under the pact is an untitled drama that has been sold to CBS. Written and executive produced by Baum, the project focuses on Dr. John Sherman, the surgeon general known as "America's Doctor."

The most powerful doctor in the nation with 315 million patients, Sherman and his team grapple with the dominant forces of business and politics as he fights to protect the health of everyday Americans. Previously a co-creator of the 2006 ABC drama Evidence, Baum created Lie To Me, which starred Tim Roth and ran for three seasons on FOX.

Nothing here that piques my interest, but that's just me. What say you, TVRagers?

- Jay Scherick
- David Ronn
- Samuel Baum

Written by: Chrononaut
Oct 3rd, 2012, 10:17 pm


Message Posted On Jan 28th, 2013, 5:16 pm
A t.v. show about the Surgeon General? The former governor of Virginia described the SG thus: "... he's not a surgeon, he's not a general - he's a big nanny." Maybe they could have an episode about a Jocelyn Elders-type SG recommending to America's young men to wank their noodles to relieve tension. Or maybe some intrepid, advantaged public health professional of non-color working for the SG studying the effects of Syphilis on some Tuskegee folks but forgetting to make antibiotics available to them.
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