'Survivor' Host Talks Third Episode

It was more of the same during last night's "Survivor: Phillipines": Kalabaw (red) and Tandang (yellow) tribes reaped rewards and alliances continued to shift. Meanwhile Matsing (blue) lost... again. And went to tribal council... again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Jeff Probst gave his thoughts on this week's episode.


Michael Skupin's penchant for self-injury has been a running joke since the first episode of the new season. During the challenge, Skupin dived into the water face-first causing the diving mask to smash in his face and Probst to scream: “Skupin bleeding from the face!”

The host insists this was just Skupin being Skupin. "Skupin is providing an equally interesting contrast to how he played the first time. The guy most famous for falling into the fire has injured himself more times in the first 9 days of this season than most entire tribes endure in 39 days," Probst says. "The responsibility for the shattered facemask is all on Skupin. We tell them not to jump into the water with it on your face but they get excited and want to save a few seconds and before you know it — blam! In 25 seasons nobody other than Skupin has ever fallen in the fire and nobody besides Skupin has had a facemask shatter in their face. So now I’m starting to look back on his actions in Survivor: Australia and realize — it wasn’t an accident he fell into the fire, it was just Skupin."

Russell's performance has been underwhelming so far to say the least -- falling out of favor with his tribe mates and coming up short in this week's challenge. Probst agrees, "He’s quickly falling out of favor with his tribe because he’s a bossy leader who takes on too much and then can’t deliver. I’m guessing he is very miserable right now as his tribe continues to lose and he knows he needs to right the ship and yet the best way for them to right it would probably be to vote him out. Harsh words I know. I like Russell, it’s just a very difficult game for him to 'fit into.'"

According to the host, next week's episode will continue the trend. "The story remains the same — Matsing. Russell’s tribe. They are on their way to becoming an extinct tribe. If they don’t win, how mad will Russell get?" Probst says.

What did you think of last night's episode?

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It's still too early to tell, but I'll watch no matter what. I hope they throw in some twists pretty soon.

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