Krysten Ritter Busts Out Whipped Cream Bikini in 'Apt. 23' Ad

Mickey Mouse must be blushing after seeing the new advertisements for ABC's "Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23" and "Happy Endings."

Both comedies return October 23rd for all new seasons, and ABC unveiled hot new ads for publication. The ads are intended to be published side-by-side with the text along the top reading "The Happiest, Bitchiest, Funniest Night On TV."

"Happy Endings" features a fairly familiar sitcom trope of the ensemble cast all in bed together... except the bed and floor is littered with condoms. Yikes. I don't know if anyone would be smiling after going through all of those. I have to say the ABC show was one of the funniest half hours of the year last season and is deserving of so much more recognition and praise than it's currently given. The poster teases what was a long-term development last season of a potential love triangle between Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Penny (Casey Wilson).

The big winner has to be Krysten Ritter busting out another familiar (but not in any way ever unwelcome. Ever.) whipped cream bikini. I was more underwhelmed by "Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23" in its premiere season, as the cast overall seemed stronger than the material they were given, particularly star Ritter. And whether it's on camera or in print, Ritter once again steals the show in jaw-dropping fashion. Enjoy...


Now if she busts this one out on the show, I might be tempted to watch...


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Message Posted On Oct 7th, 2012, 3:11 pm

msd85: "They work fine in Fox for me, but apparently it's hit and miss"


Apparently so...because today it's working for me just fine!!  Gotta love computers :-)




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Yeah, you're not the first to tell me that rtruell. They work fine in Fox for me, but apparently it's hit and miss.


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Hummm.  Don't know what the problem is, but the pics aren't showing up for me in Firefox.  They show up when I open the page in the IE_Tab addon for Firefox, but not in Firefox itself.



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Message Posted On Oct 4th, 2012, 4:12 pm try feathers mate.

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